Transform your health through a holistic nutritional APPROACH

  • Detoxify the body & boost the immune system

  • Alkalize the body

  • Release excess weight

  • Improve skin tone & appearance

  • Feel calmer & clearer mentally & emotionally

  • Decrease digestive discomfort, bloating & gas


The Nutritional E-Cleanse Program's 23 DAYS TO A HEALTHIER YOU! is a gradual and supportive process where we boost our body’s natural detox capabilities by: 

  • Reducing and then avoiding 10 “nutritional bandits” — unfiltered water, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, gluten, refined/processed foods, dairy, beef/pork, unhealthy fats, and chemicals.

  • Consuming a natural “real food” diet of fresh organic vegetables & fruits, legumes, gluten-free whole grains, nuts & seeds, good fats, and high quality animal foods (if desired).

  • And drinking lots of pure water, getting plenty of rest and moderate exercise, and taking appropriate supplements.

This approach allows the body to both cleanse and build health at the same time.


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Nutritional E-Cleanse Program's 23 DAYS TO A HEALTHIER YOU!

spring 2019 PROGRAM: OPEN march - june

Enjoy inspiring photos of "e-cleanse friendly" foods and recipes on our Pinterest Board.

No time or place to be.  It’s all done through the privacy and convenience of the internet!  Receive daily education, inspiration, recipes & fun, and unlimited personal e-mail support.


The Nutritional E-Cleanse Program's 23 DAYS TO A HEALTHIER YOU! is broken down into short, easily digestible daily segments so you can learn, implement, and take action without any overwhelm or brain fatigue.  

The curriculum has been carefully designed to maximize your results and long term success. In addition, it will help you stay away from feeling overwhelmed, keep you from moving too fast into the “actual cleanse” resulting in possible severe cleansing reactions, and support you in actually completing the program with the best results.

program overview

The program begins with 9 days of "pre-cleanse preparation" to get ready for the 2 week cleanse. This portion is very information dense, so be prepared to devote about a 1/2 hour a day on the material.  

Day 1

  • About Detoxification

  • The Importance of Acid-Alkaline Balance

  • Supplements to Support the Cleansing Process

  • Program Overview

  • "You Are What You Eat" assessment questionnaire to see your current relationship with the 10 "nutritional bandits" and get a clear picture of what you need to begin to REDUCE before the 2 week "cleanse".

Days 2 to 6

We explore the 10 “nutritional bandits” that rob us of our health when consumed regularly, along with links for more info, inspirational articles, and videos to support you in letting these go.

Days 7 to 9

  • "Am I Eating For Health" assessment questionnaire

  • E-Cleanse Shopping List

  • Tips for a Successful Cleanse

  • Withdrawal Symtoms & Cleansing Reactions

  • Eating a Healthy Balanced Diet


Day 10 

The 2 week actual "cleanse” begins. This portion of the program focuses more on the "doing". Each day you will receive information about a healthy food topic, along with over 75 recipes, daily check-ins, and unlimited personal email support.



Other comparable programs are priced from $200–$500, but my goal is to provide this information in the most affordable and accessible way possible for as many people as possible, so the Nutritional E-Cleanse Program's 23 DAYS TO A HEALTHIER YOU!, at $99 for first time participants and only $49 for repeat e-cleansers, is an excellent value.

I truly believe that holistic nutrition education is the pathway to optimal health — body, mind and spirit. My mission is to help you create that by presenting the basic principles of health in a way that is easy to understand and incorporate into your life.

That’s why I invite you to join the 23 day Nutritional E-Cleanse Program and if, upon completion of “active participation”, you don't feel that I’ve delivered on my promise, I'll happily refund your money.

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If you’re still wondering if the program is right for you, I invite you to browse the Testimonials page of this website and discover what others have to say about their experience in their own words. 


I sincerely hope to have the honor and privilege of working with you!