Moving From Wounded Warrior to Divine Goddess

"There are many types of women, but the one that cries out for the healing the loudest is the Wounded Female Warrior. You long to transform yourself into the Goddess, even though you might not use those words to describe your longing."

~ Suzanna kennedy


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OK, I'm warning you. This blog is a long one, but it's GREAT - if I do say so myself!

First of all, I'd like to take this opportunity to provide a personal update. At the end of January, I fell and injured my back - NOT a good thing for a massage therapist!  I wrote about it in my March blog, The Cosmic 2x4, where I decided that I needed to STOP working, seek treatment, and allow myself to rest and heal. In my April blog, No Mud, No Lotus, I shared more of the process, my return to seeing clients part time, and my awareness that these kind of challenges can come to create movement or a course correction in my life.

During my time off, I received a wonderful gift of a Reiki healing session with Amy Dipman at Intuitive Healing Now Reiki is a natural healing art in which Universal Life Energy is “channeled” to bring balance & harmony for the purpose of healing body, mind & spirit. Following her Reiki sessions, Amy provides an intuitive reading, which includes recommendations to take the healing deeper. One of the many mind-blowing things she mentioned to me was that I was completely out of balance between my Warrior energy and my Goddess energy. That resonated SO deeply with me that I wept.

Upon arriving home, I immediately googled "from warrior to goddess" and found the most amazing article that elaborated on the topic and offers a vision/guide on how to begin to shift. SO many of the words in this article about the "wounded warrior" are my words exactly. I found it impossible to pick only parts of it to share, so I'm including it in its entirety below. As you will see, it's GREAT!

In the meantime, my back is healing. Thanks to rest, nutrition, bodywork, and 2-3 hours of yoga and exercise every day, I'm continuing to see improvement.  YAY! And I'm continuing to see clients, but only 1 per day. This feels to be a much better balance for me on all levels given my life stage and circumstances, and I'm really enjoying it.  I've also decided to discontinue leading the group e-cleanse programs, and just provide 23 DAYS TO A HEALTHIER YOU! as a self-paced independent program.

Both of these steps will allow me to spend more time with my 95 year old mom. She continues to do well, thankfully, but requires more care and attention as time goes by. AND I want to have more "hanging out together" time! In addition, it gives me the time and space to do the inner work that is being called forward in me at this time. I look forward to this continuing journey of transformation and becoming more Goddess-like.  



Moving from Wounded Warrior to Divine Goddess  ~ by Suzanna Kennedy


who is the wounded warrior?

The Wounded Warrior is powerful, independent, self-reliant and successful - because you have to be. Yet, you often resent all of the responsibility and obligation that goes with your role. You are the only one around who can get things done, and get things done fast enough and perfectly enough. Yet you feel stressed out and battle weary. You are bitter (at least inwardly) toward men. Long ago, you let go of the fantasy of a knight in shining armor or Prince Charming. 

You respect other female Warriors, yet have no tolerance for "weaker" females who don't carry the Warrior's sword. You are, or were, a good wife and a good mother, protecting and providing for your family. Yet you express even these roles through the stance of a warrior. 

You are tired of fighting. You displayed your battle wounds proudly in the past, but have now grown bored with conquest. Your armor is heavy and you long to remove it for good. You long for the Goddess within you; yet believe you couldn't survive without your Warrior's sword. Let me introduce you to the power of the Goddess.


Who is the Goddess?

The Goddess is quite simply the embodiment of the Divine in female body. She is discerning and acts with integrity. She has a core of inner peace that is unshakable. The Goddess radiates an energy that is so powerfully beautiful, loving and soft that others are drawn to her like a magnet. She may have been a Wounded Warrior at one time but she has healed her wounds by releasing the anger, pain, fear, guilt and judgement. She has let go of feelings of betrayal and abandonment. She has replaced those lower-vibrational emotions with compassion and joy. She has transformed her limiting beliefs, attitudes and thought patterns into a loving allowance for all to be as they are. She has no need to change anybody, for she sees the Divine in all beings. She understands that any attack is simply a demonstration of fear. She remembers fear and yet knows how to neutralize it with her unlimited flow of love.

The Wounded Warrior and the Goddess — two powerful female archetypes. One tired and wounded, one radiant and healed. How did the warrior get wounded? And how can she transform herself into the Goddess? To answer these questions you must first understand how energy moves in humans.


What are Male and Female Energy Patterns?

Energy has patterns of movement and we can call one pattern male, the other female. The male pattern of movement is assertive, it initiates action. In humans it expresses itself through the mind, as a need to understand, analyze, find the limits, make plans and take action. In its highest expression, male energy loves to give, protect and provide comfort and safety in the physical reality. All human beings have a male aspect, sometimes called the Inner Male.

Likewise, each individual has an Inner Female. This energy pattern is receptive and responsive, an open space with defined boundaries. Yet, the open space is dark and mysterious. The feminine is comfortable with the unknown. From this mystery springs creativity and intuition. It is the womb – nourishing and nurturing. Feminine energy expresses through the heart, through the senses – using its creativity to give birth to an outer space that is inviting, nourishing and sensual.

Ideally, each individual would have the healthy, mature male and female aspects working together as equal partners. Yet this is rarely the case. As humans experience the slings and arrows of life, their inner males and or females become wounded and their development arrested.

When the Inner Male is wounded and insecure, he distorts his expression. He is afraid of the unknown, so he tries to control people and situations so they will conform within his predictable comfort zone.  

When the Inner Female is wounded and insecure, usually she just closes down and hides. Then all energy flow becomes constricted. This shows up as compromised health, constricted intuition, lack of love, trust, and finances. So the inner wounded male takes over.

So a Wounded Warrior is a female who predominantly expresses male energy because her female aspect is wounded and dysfunctional.

Of course a male can be a Wounded Warrior as well.


How did you become a warrior?

There are several possibilities. You may have grown up feeling that your father did not provide the required safety and protection. Maybe your father was absent emotionally or physically. Or maybe you had a father who expressed mostly the feminine energy, not modeling a mature male archetype. You may have modeled yourself after your mother or other influential female who was a Warrior. You may feel betrayed or abandoned by one or both of your parents. You may feel you need to play the role of a male and be the provider and protector of your family. You may have decided that you needed to develop warrior-like qualities to survive in the business world.

Whatever the reason you put on your armor and you fight. You fight for yourself, your family, your job, recognition and validation. You accumulate wounds, battle scars and conquests too. Your ego is over taxed and your soul cries out for retirement.


How does the Ego operate?

Ego has gotten a bad rap. Some psychological and spiritual disciplines suggest that you should suppress your ego and even kill it. But your ego plays a very important role when you are in a physical body on this planet. It is your ego’s job to protect you. Moment to moment, your ego scans your database stored in the DNA of your cells for memories (conscious or subconscious) that are similar to the situation you are currently engaged in. If the ego finds any memories similar to the current situation that resulted in your being hurt, it tries to protect you from being hurt again.

It may throw up thoughts of fear and doubt. It may initiate thoughts, beliefs or memories that distract you from participating in the situation. Sometimes it will create roadblocks that will prohibit you from participating such as limitations of time, financial setbacks and even illness. It will do anything to protect you.

These defenses keep you limited to reacting the same way you always have. And guess what? If you react the same way, you will get the same results. No new experiences can come from this. You can’t grow from this. You are married to the sameness.


How does the soul use the Law of Attraction?

The reason you encounter hurtful situations is because of the hurtful energy that is stored inside your DNA. Your soul is always seeking to bring you back to health and joy. It tries to release hidden and suppressed energy. It uses the Law of Attraction (like attracts like) to magnetize the people and situations that will trigger the opportunity for release.

That is why, as a wounded female warrior, you attract wounded men. They trigger you and give you the opportunity to clear and release this stored energy. Yet, you rarely take the opportunity because you just don’t know how. Based on my experience you CAN clear the hurtful energy in the DNA. And when you do, you begin moving through your life without the hurtful cellular memory. Your ego’s job is much easier because there is no hurtful energy to be released. You are not drawing hurtful situations anymore. When you move into a new situation and your ego scans for hurtful memories it can’t find any. So your ego allows you to move into new experiences with no limitations.


How does the Warrior transform into a Goddess?

It’s a four step process:

STEP ONE: Sacred Union of the Inner Male and Inner Female.

In the first step it is necessary to call forth, love and heal all those denied aspects of yourself related to relationship. Call forth all hidden and suppressed energies of anger, rage, resentment, hatred, jealously, envy, betrayal, separation and abandonment for release and transmutation.

After clearing the perceptions and dense energies from your four-body system (this is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual I guess) turn your attention to your own Inner Male and Inner Female. Take a look at what condition they are in. Heal them into mature, healthy, well-balanced beings that will work together in Sacred Union within you.

STEP TWO: Sacred Union of Ego and Spirit

Your ego protects your physical body, also protects and maintains your self-image and your belief systems. It’s job is to keep everything the same. So when you try to grow and expand, especially emotionally or spiritually your ego, in an effort to maintain status quo, will sabotage your efforts of self improvement.

The ego uses energies of anger, fear, guilt, judgement and pain as strategies to protect your self-image. In order to expand into the image of you as a Goddess you must engage the cooperation of the ego to expand to your Divine Human self-image. This actually causes ascension of the mental body preparing the way for the Sacred Union of the various aspects of your Divinity with your physical body.

STEP THREE: Birthing the Divine Human

Geneticists have found what they refer to as “junk DNA”. This is genetic material that does not seem to be activated at the moment and they can’t figure out its purpose. But this is not junk!

Once these strands of DNA are hooked up and activated you will have abilities that you might consider metaphysical. These abilities include extra-sensory perception, rejuvenation, immortality, telepathy, psycho-kinesis, accessing information (channelling) and communication with other dimensions, teleportation, bi-location (being in two places at once in physical form) and instant manifestation.

Can this extra DNA be reconnected and activated? Here is the amazing part. The DNA and the holographic realities themselves (ie. your physical body) are changeable. When you change the records, the holographic reality that you call your life must change to align with the records. if you change the holographic images you will change the records. During your Divine Birth, you can rewrite the script of your life and overlay it onto the old familiar script

In time the old script dissolves and the new one takes over. Once you are expressing Who You Really Are as a Goddess you may want to move on to the 4th step and manifest an intimate partnership with another Divine Human or you may want to form Sacred Union partnerships for creative expression or joyful service to the planet.

STEP FOUR: Sacred Union Relationships

When you embody your Divinity, you will see the nature of all relationships change. You feel whole and complete and you no longer look to other people to complete you. This has many implications. One result is that you let go of needing, grasping, searching and clinging. There is a peaceful trust that settles in. You begin to feel that every relationship is a Sacred Union because you acknowledge the Divinity within you and others.

You see your Divine Self in all other faces and trust that as the faces flow in and out of your life each brings its own unique way of mirroring your compassion back to you. You feel a sense of detachment to the forms relationships take. There is a new sense of freedom and allowance for relationships to shift and change form.

If you choose you may call in a Sacred Union Intimate Partnership or elevate your current partnership in Sacred Union status. If that is your choice, it serves to become very clear about what you want in a partner and in a relationship.

Calling a Sacred Union Intimate Partner is a creative process. Mental clarity in Sacred Union with heart-felt gratitude will attract your heart’s desire. Your spiritual team might direct you to a facilitator to navigate and witness with this transfer. Choose someone who is already radiating and demonstrating the clear Goddess energy in her own life as she can transmit high frequency energy and assist in the graceful transformation of Wounded Warrior to Goddess.


How to Recognize a Goddess

The Goddess has let go of all that is not divine. She enjoys and expresses her femininity with courage. She find both men and women are easier to work and play with than ever before. She has let go of her suppressed feelings of betrayal and abandonment and radiates the energy of trust. So others open up, let down their walls and she draws out the trustworthiness and integrity in them.

She treats others with understanding and kindness yet, she is discerning and knows how to draw boundaries when appropriate. She speaks the truth from her heart with respect, honoring the feelings of others.

The Goddess carries a particular energy, a higher, faster vibration in her electromagnetic field. She has created an environment in her body that magnetizes more refined Divine energies. Her body becomes a radio tower that grounds the celestial energies of profound compassion and joy into the Earth and then radiates it outward in all directions.

There are many aspects of a Goddess.

  • She can be like Isis, expressing the Creator Mother aspect.
  • She can express Aphrodite, the loving, sensual and sexual playmate aspect.
  • She can express Kahli, the destroyer of that which no longer serves.
  • She can express a Warrior Goddess the protector that knows how to draw and protect boundaries.

The difference now is that she is healed and whole. She can call upon whatever aspect of the Goddess best serves her in any moment. She is no longer limited to only acting out the part of the Wounded Warrior.

She radiates the energy of Sacred Union within herself, then the Law of Attraction operates to magnetize others who are of the same energy and consciousness. Soon she finds herself surrounded by Gods and Goddesses all living harmoniously in Paradise on Earth they created from their balanced energies of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power.

* Written by Suzanna Kennedy.


Happy, Healthy Living!



JoAnn Newton is a Master Massage Therapist, Certified Diet Counselor & Holistic Nutrition Educator, and Spiritual Counselor who is committed to creating, living, and enjoying health, balance, and freedom on all levels, both personally and professionally, while providing educational and healing services.