Practicing Surrender

"I discovered that I can surrender to life and don't need to intently pursue internal change or vigilantly manage my experience to fit a desired outcome. When I took the risk to let my heart simply feel what it feels, I was able to experience a larger, more magical and mysterious process at work. I got to experience grace, which moves things forward on its own, me included.... I can then relax and trust life, trust grace, trust the process of change itself - all of which is happening on its own." 

~ Nancy Colier, Getting Out Of The Way: The Practice of Surrender


To review, last spring I decided to take a break from researching and writing nutrition blogs, social media marketing, facilitating the Healthy Eating Support Group, and leading the Nutritional E-Cleanse Program. I was actually inspired to do this by my minister, who periodically takes a 3 month sabbatical to relax, renew, and recharge. After 5 years, I was getting burned out on all levels and knew I needed to take a breather. So that's what I'm doing and I'm really enjoying it.

Slowly but surely, my mind, body, and spirit are relaxing, and I'm feeling happier and healthier. In addition to seeing private massage and nutrition clients, I have been spending more time with family and friends (something I have been neglecting for awhile), training for my big hiking trip, working on small projects in my house and yard, and taking LOTS of time to just BE. Bottom line is that the things I'm doing are because I'm inspired or drawn to them, rather than pushing myself - and that's feels very good to me.

For awhile now, my inner voice has been nudging me to read the book Return to Love by Marianne Williamson again - so now that I have the time, that's what I'm doing. And it couldn't be more perfect for where I am right now!  

Here are some quotes from the chapter on Surrender that are really speaking to me:

" Surrender means, by definition, giving up attachment to results. Where we have an attachment to results, we tend to have a hard time giving up control."

"In Zen Buddhism, there's a concept called "zen mind", or "beginner's mind". They say that the mind should be like an empty rice bowl. If it's already full, then the universe can't fill it. It it's empty, it has room to receive. This means that when we think we have things already figured out, we're not teachable. Genuine insight can't dawn on a mind that's not open to receive. Surrender is a process of emptying the mind."

"Surrender means the decision to stop fighting the world, and to start loving it instead. It is a gentle liberation from pain. But liberation isn't about breaking out of anything; it's a gentle melting into who we really are."

So, that's what I'm attempting to do right now. And, trust me, for a control freak like me, it's a challenge. But good things are happening and I am feeling excited and hopeful about the future. 

One of things that's presented itself is the book Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal by Anthony Williams. SO many people have recommended it to me, including my long time nutrition teacher, Ed Bauman, that I finally had to check it out. This information is rocking my world and everything I thought I knew about nutrition. But so much of what he says really resonates as true to me, so I have just started doing his 28 day cleanse program. 

For now, I'm continuing to choose to trust this process of unfolding and not be attached to how or what will be in the future.

More to be revealed next month, so stay tuned...


Happy, Healthy Living!

JoAnn Newton is a Master Massage Therapist, Certified Diet Counselor & Holistic Nutrition Educator, and Spiritual Counselor who is committed to creating, living, and enjoying health, balance, and freedom on all levels, both personally and professionally, while providing educational and healing services.