Boost Your Health With An Autumn Cleanse

"Fall is a natural time of transition, which makes it an ideal time for a gentle detox cleanse that will reset your body and mind while priming you for a winter of wellness."

~ Institute for Integrative Nutrition 



As summer's sun and fun gives way to shorter days and the slower pace of autumn, it's a natural time to yield to a quieter rhythm. Just as we see the trees shed their leaves and many animals move toward hibernation, we too can use this time to slow down our busyness, take stock of our lives, let go of what no longer serves us, and support our health. By gently cleansing the physical, mental, and emotional toxins, we can greatly boost our energy and vitality in preparation for winter as well.


"In general, a cleanse is your opportunity to slow down, to quiet what's coming into your body, and to both scour and activate your systems of detoxification and elimination. Ultimately, this results in the benefits you desire: clarity, energy, internal healing, and an external vibrance all due to some deep detoxification."

- Replenish PDX



Autumn can be a vulnerable time for our health as morning and evening temperatures plummet and the air becomes drier. It is the best time to support the lungs and large intestine, which are the major pathways of elimination and related to a healthy immune system. So a fall detox will help stave off seasonal colds, keep our immune system healthy, and strengthen our digestion and cellular metabolism in order to create and maintain healthy tissue for the colder months ahead.

Since the body is calibrated with Mother Earth's rhythms (whether we acknowledge it or not), the produce that is in season helps us align with the climate and naturally supports the seasonal organs of the body. The harvest season is the time to decrease our intake of cooling summer foods and start to increase more cooked and warming foods. Autumn offers a bounty of grounding and nourishing fruits and vegetables that are just what our bodies need for a gentle, soothing, and warming purification.


"I like to do a cleanse with the change of each season, as a reminder of good habits for a healthy eating plan and to get me out of whatever rut I might be in with cravings or addictions."

- Heather Nichols


Whether you are new to cleansing or an old pro and just want to tune-up your diet, the Nutritional E-Cleanse Program is a gentle, easy, effective, and pleasurable way to cleanse the body from the inside out and transition to a more healthy way of eating for the rest of your life.

This 23 day on-line program will guide you, step by step, to reduce and then eliminate the foods that rob you of your health, and replace them with lots of delicious, nutritious, whole foods that will satisfy you completely while helping your body to remove toxins, rejuvenate, and heal.

As we transition into Autumn, I invite you to give your health a boost and join me for the next Nutritional E-Cleanse Program and 23 days to a healthier you!


Happy, Healthy Autumn!

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JoAnn Newton is a Holistic Nutrition Educator and Master Massage Therapist with a private practice in Graton, CA.

Passionate about helping people transform their health through holistic nutrition, she facilitates the 23 day online Nutritional E-Cleanse Program with coaching, compassion, and humor.