My Perfect Maine "Lobstah" Dinner

Lobstah:  the way "Mainahs" say what most folks call lobster. Seeing as Maine has the largest lobstah industry of any state in the USA, "lobstah" is the correct pronunciation of the word.

- Urban Dictionary

I'm back!!! Just returned from spending 8 wonderful days with friends on the coast of Maine. If you read my August newsletter, then you know I was really looking forward to enjoying my first experience of eating Maine lobster - or more correctly pronounced "lobstah". Should be easy given that I was in Maine, right? Well, not so much...

One of my hosts doesn't care for it and the other had already wrestled with a whole lobster before I arrived and wasn't interested in repeating it. And while I could have ordered it when we were out, upon doing a little research online, I learned that just the lobster is pretty much all you get (WAY too much protein and nothing else). Sometimes you can find it paired with french fries, a small amount of "coleslaw" (questionable ingredients in the dressing), and/or GMO corn on the cob - none of which appeal to me. Or there is always the famous lobster roll, which is lobster meat soaked in "butter" (again questionable at these places) served on a hot dog bun or similar bun (ugh!) - and typically served with chips or french fries.  NOT FOR ME!!!

As a Holistic Nutrition Educator, I teach my clients to eat "balanced meals" with a small amount of protein, a small amount of starch, and lots of veggies - and try to eat this way as much as possible myself. This results in assisting the body to better metabolize the food eaten, as well as providing adequate nutrients and balanced blood sugar - all necessary components for optimal health.

So while I found wonderful healthy seafood meals of crab and avocado salad, stir fried veggies with rice noodles and braised scallops, ceasar salad and cioppino with swordfish, mussels, clams, and prawns, pad Thai with prawns and mixed veggies, and prospects of finding a healthy lobstah dinner weren't looking good. 

Then, in a delightful town called Ogunquit, where we had tickets to see a musical theater production, I found my PERFECT Maine Lobstah dinner:  Warm Lobster Salad...(real) butter poached shelled lobster over artisan lettuce with corn, green beans, tomato, & basil with shallot vinaigrette & roasted potato and yam medley. It was INCREDIBLE!

And, after that, I didn't feel the least bit guilty enjoying homemade vanilla ice cream with fresh raspberries and tiny chocolate chips for my dessert!  Ayuh!


Happy, Healthy Living!