Going On A Real Vacation!

Vacations are proven to enhance well-being, foster creative thinking, strengthen family relationships, and reduce depression. Taking a vacation isn't a matter of mere frivolity; in stressful times like these, they can make or break your physical and mental health."

~ Dr. Mercola

Did you know that the U.S. is the only advanced nation in the world that doesn't guarantee it's workers annual vacation time?  And even for those who have paid vacation, up to 1/3 don't use it because they "are too overworked". However, in over two dozen other industrialized countries workers are given four to six week paid vacation every year - WOW!

I remember that vacations were not our "normal" when I was growing up. Every few years we would take a family trip to visit relatives in the midwest, but that was it for the most part. I never went camping or even to the beach until I went with 4-H or friends took me in junior high and high school. Instead, we learned to have a great "work" ethic but not much about "play".

Well, I obviously learned that lesson well because vacations were not something I created in my life when it was finally up to me...even when I had a "real" job with paid vacation time! And for the past 28 years, as a full-time single mom self-employed as a holistic health practitioner, I was never in a financial position to take time off work for more than a few days to go camping or to Santa Cruz with my son.

Well, this year all that's gonna change! Friends of mine are renting a house on the coast of Maine this month and flying me out to join them for 10 days! OMG!!! How cool is that?!!! I even bought a swimsuit - ugh!

Dr. Mercola says that there are some universal factors that tend to contribute to a restful time off:

  • free time for yourself
  • warmer, sunnier location
  • good sleep
  • making new acquaintances
  • exercising during vacation

So I'll be sure to keep all that in mind on my trip. As for making new acquaintances...there's a Maine lobster that I plan to get to know intimately!!!


Happy, Healthy Living!