Living in Balance

I lead a VERY busy life! Most of the people I know do. It's way fun! And yet it can be kind of stressful too. You see, while I love and embrace the spiritual principle that "we can have, do, or be anything we desire", I have a LOT of ideas and desires! So, in order to do all the really cool things that I do, I need to take really good care of myself. Perhaps that explains my passion for nutrition, massage, living by spiritual principles, and raising vibration levels with sacred music. Yet all those interests require energy to pursue them. And with a past history of Adrenal Fatigue - an energy issue - I find myself somewhat of an expert on the topic of living in balance.

I once presented a workshop based largely on the book, Living in Balance, by Joel & Michele Levey. I learned that balance is not a static state that we find once and for all by the fine tuning of our schedules.

"Balance" is really a verb - something we are constantly doing.

our comfort zone

When we are in our "comfort zone", which is what we usually equate with "balance", challenges are neither too great to create anxiety nor too routine to create boredom. This is often regarded as being "in the flow", a state of optimal performance, extreme fulfillment, and well-being. Sounds great, huh? Unfortunately, we don't LEARN anything when we are in our comfort zone! And since it is our nature to grow and expand, it is only natural that we find ourselves moving  into the "upper learning zone" where difficulties and stress stimulate our learning and provide the opportunity to develop ourselves.

finding balance

"Balance" is actually achieved by taking time then to drop into the "lower learning zone", where quiet times afford us the opportunity to rest, recuperate, and integrate our learning. So, living in balance actually means a healthy balance between times when we are challenged to learn and times when we are in a mode of rest, renewal, and integration. As a result, when we take to heart the lessons in our learning zones, we create for ourselves an expanded comfort zone - one far larger than we began with.

The danger occurs when we don't take the time for this "lower learning zone", and we find ourselves entering the "burnout zone". While we wouldn't knowingly choose to put ourselves in the burnout zone, remember the story of the boiled frog who didn't notice that the water was heating up? That's how it happens.

Taking time to check in with ourselves frequently to see where we are currently and where we need to make space is key to living in balance.  Where are you now and what do you need to do for yourself now to create more balance in your life?  I'd love to hear from you!


Happy, Healthy Living!