Stocking My Kitchen for a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season

"I've learned that if I stock my kitchen with nutritious foods that are versatile and easy to prepare, eating healthy meals and snacks isn't too difficult even during my busiest weeks."

~ Tina Haupert



The holidays are almost here!!!  As I shop for Thanksgiving dinner this next week, I will also begin to stock my kitchen for the holiday season. With increased gatherings, activities, and gift shopping on top of our already busy schedules, it's a time when our healthy diet can seriously suffer! While I am all for enjoying the holiday season and the extra treats it brings, I also like to "make a plan" and stock my kitchen with lots of healthy choices so I don't end up reaching for something less healthy when tired, stressed, or in a hurry.

Here's some of the things on my list and where I purchase them:



  • Olives from a good quality olive bar - Whole Foods

  • Tamari Roasted Almonds - Andy’s Produce Market

  • Organic Hummus Dip - Trader Joe's

  • Fresh Guacamole & Pico de Gallo - Whole Foods

  • Organic Pop Corn with Olive Oil - Trader Joe's

  • Garden of Eatin' Sesame Blue Chips - Whole Foods

  • Mary's Gone Cracker's Original Crackers - Whole Foods



  • Herbal Teas: current favorites are Traditional Medicinal's Roasted Dandelion Root Tea & Licorice Root Tea, Allegro Organic Relaxing Chamomile, Organic India's Tulsi Tea, and Numi Turmeric Tea - Whole Foods

  • Organic Fair Trade Water Processed Decaffeinated Coffee Beans - Whole Foods

  • Pellegrino Sparkling Water - Trader Joe's or Whole Foods

  • Martinelli's Organic Sparkling Cider - Whole Foods

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - Trader Joe's

  • Green Fin Organic Merlot, Red, or White Table Wine - Trader Joe's



  • Whole Grains: Brown Rice, White Basmati Rice, Lundberg Farm's Wild Blend Rice, Quinoa, Red Mill's Gluten-Free Oats - Whole Foods. Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti Pasta, Organic Polenta - Trader Joe's

  • Dried: Shredded Coconut, Raisins, Apples, Cranberries, Tomatoes - bulk bins @ Whole Foods

  • Legumes: Split Peas (bulk bins), Organic canned Black Beans, Garbanzo Beans, Cannellini Beans, Great Northern Beans, and Refried Pinto Beans - Whole Foods

  • Organic Tomato Sauce, Tomato Paste, & Diced Tomatoes - Whole Foods

  • Canned Alaskan Wild Salmon - Whole Foods

  • Divine Organics Raw Cacao - Whole Foods

  • Organic 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Trader Joe's

  • Organic Olive Oil Non-Stick Cooking Spray (no propellants) - Trader Joe's

  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - Whole Foods

  • Bragg's Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar - Whole Foods

  • Napa Valley Naturals Organic Red Wine Vinegar - Whole Foods

  • Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth, Imagine Organic Vegetarian No-Chicken Broth - Whole Foods

  • Organic Wild Collected Raw Honey - Trader Joe's

  • Organic Stevia - Trader Joe's



  • Assortment of raw nuts & seeds: Cashews, Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds - bulk bins @ Whole Foods

  • Pastured Eggs - Whole Foods

  • Goat Cheese Crumbles, Parmesan Cheese - Whole Foods

  • Fresh Pesto Sauce - Whole Foods

  • Organic Red Wine & Olive Oil Vinaigrette Salad Dressing - Trader Joe's

  • Organic Corn Tortillas - Whole Foods

  • Organic Butter, unsalted - Trader Joe's

  • Organic Mayonnaise - Trader Joe's

  • Organic Maple Syrup - Trader Joe's

  • Organic Medjool Dates - Whole Foods

  • Assortment of fresh organic fruits and vegetables - Whole Foods or local source



  • An assortment of fish and meats purchased generally when on sale at Whole Foods.

  • Organic Frozen Fruits for smoothies - Trader Joe's or Whole Foods

  • Organic Brown Rice and Organic Quinoa microwavable pouches - Trader Joe's

  • Organic Frozen Vegetables - Whole Foods or Trader Joe's

  • An assortment of homemade soups or stews in individual portion containers


You may notice that there aren't any sweets listed above. Personally, I simply can't have sweets in the house and NOT overeat them, so I generally purchase or make desserts as special occasion treats only. Also, please note that not all of the items listed are "e-cleanse friendly" when on the Nutritional E-Cleanse Program, but rather good quality food items I include in my diet when not on the program.  


Happy, Healthy Holidays!

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 JoAnn Newton is a Holistic Nutrition Educator and Master Massage Therapist with a private practice in Graton, CA.

Passionate about helping people transform their health through holistic nutrition, she facilitates the 23 day online Nutritional E-Cleanse Program with coaching, compassion, and humor.